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Real name: Julian Salazar
Self description:
I took all of these photos with my iPhone, my background is in photography and film, working with the iPhone really
makes you understand light, and shutter speed; the iPhone doesnt have a flash or adjustable shutter, so it forces you to guage light and speed on your own, and I always have my phone so I always have my camera.

ijulz's creations

Leslies Ladder

Created by ijulz 7 years ago

"This is My friend Leslie, when she needs to Rock Out Hard she calls me. I took this dress grabbed a steak knife and just started slashing away. I coined the style of these random slits on the Back sides and front the "Jocobs Ladder"..."


Created by ijulz 7 years ago

"This Mysterious hall way is the entrance to a avery cool first edition, rare, sometimes signed Book store on Sunset Blvd called Mystery..."

A Better Place

Created by ijulz 7 years ago

"I found this beautiful Zen garden when I had to Find a good home for 5 Pet Koi fish that I had to give up because my landlord had found out I was keeping them in a large tank in my apartment. These photos were taken just monents after dumping them in the water, Now they are in A Better..."

Uncomfortable Silence

Created by ijulz 7 years ago

"This is My Friend Alex, his Dog and My Sisters Dogs hiking near the Holywood Sign the photo with the fence is as close as you can get to the Hollywood Sign about 20 yards behind it this view overlooks all of..."

That Lucky Dog

Created by ijulz 7 years ago

"This is My Sisters Dog Hogi and her home in the Hollywood Hills that W.C Fields had lived in She has two black Labs ad they live in that pool jumpig in and out all day log. This was Taken with my..."

Tough Love

Created by ijulz 7 years ago

"The Guy is my friend Shea, he was visiting LA from Vegas and he wanted to visit a girlfriend so I took him and took the opportunity to take these candid..."

Oh My God!

Created by ijulz 7 years ago

"This beheaded Christ Statue was used in the Movie Nightmare on Elm Steet, where my friend worked as the medic she took the statue and uses it in her poolside garden. Medium: iPhone no..."

Tequila Sky

Created by ijulz 7 years ago

""A Room with a View" My second choice for a headline. This is the view from my Office on this particular day I was inspired to shoot some pics if you look close you can see the Hollywood Sign o the Mountain. This and the other pics were taken from my iPhone without..."

Flaming Lips

Created by ijulz 7 years ago

"I poured rubbing alcohol and lit these ceramic lips. The lips are an art piece made in Italy ***DO OT TRY THIS AT..."


Created by ijulz 7 years ago

"This pic was taken of Fashion Designer Tom Ford's Assistant, Alexandra N. at a New Years party with my iPhone, the beam of light over her head is from a movie projector, There is no editing done to this..."

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