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Real name: Julian Weller
Self description:
Hum dee dum...
I'm a boy in Seattle, and I dinker around with things, but not as much as I'd like.
I could dinker more if I had less homework and more...umph.
Jesse brought me here once and I've visited ever since, until I realized today that it was 3am, and that I might as well have a profile.

julian's creations

Eskimo Pie Rap Picture

Created by julian 6 years ago

"Two weeks ago I had my first Eskimo Pie. It was fantastic! Like a wonderland in every bite! I decided "I will write a wrap about this." Then, thruftly, I decided "I will make a song-image or even album cover for this rap." Admittedly it's pretty..."

Tile Pictures!

Created by julian 7 years ago

"Sometimes I don't like showering right after I wake up. It's a lot of work for my sleepy body to do. Drying off is particularly strenuous. Today I decided to just sit until I was dry. As I was, I noticed that in the shower tile, was me! How extraordinary! I look pretty sad in most of these. I was..."

Esthersaurus Cute

Created by julian 7 years ago

"So, Esther is in Japan right now, and missing her, I turned my girlfriend into a hurkin' dinosaur. She's a..."

The Blaum Fish

Created by julian 7 years ago

"My mom goes on a conference trip to Seaside, Oregon every year, and my brother Sam and I went with her in October '07. While we were there we visited the Seaside Aquarium, and I took this video of some Blaum fish performing their mating ritual. What an extraordinary experience! Many people go..."

Sculpey Me!

Created by julian 7 years ago

"Sam, Esther, and I were playing with Sculpey clay, and I decided to make a tiny me. It's really hard to peg what makes a face look a certain way, so he ended up looking like maybe a tiny cousin of mine, but I am satisfied. Making myself spanned about a day, but really maybe only 4 or 5 hours..."

A Winter's Tale Act III (Sophomore Video Project)

Created by julian 7 years ago

"For my sophomore (high school, obviously) Language Arts class, we had to film an act from a Shakespeare play (A Winter's Tale for our year) we were analyzing next to the Oedipus Cycle. I had an awesome group and we picked the best act. It has a bear attack and three (count them, 1...2...3)..."

White - A Short Story

Created by julian 7 years ago

"This is a short story I wrote for my 9th grade Language Arts (English) class. Welcome to my imagination: -White- The boy looked around. Everything was creamy white, puffy, and bright. Where was he? He got up, and was met by an odd sensation. The ground was firm enough, but oddly smoky,..."

Fountain Pen Doodle Extravaganza

Created by julian 7 years ago

"I was up working on school stuff (all of my most creative things tend to spawn past 12), and then decided to take a fountain pen I was given on Christmas for a spin. There's a lot of weird little things going on. I also think it's cool..."

"You Broke My Chalk, Which Killed Your Grandfather!"

Created by julian 7 years ago

"Jesse, Brenda, and I hung out one Saturday and this was the product of our (mostly their) creativity. Needless to say, they did everything, and I just added the teeny tiny bit at the end. Also, it's pretty quiet since I edited it with Windows Movie Maker, and you have to edit sound for the whole..."

Ravioli Time

Created by julian 7 years ago

"One dinner, my family and I were joking about a Snickers commercial we'd seen, and this came about. The original commercial can be found here:..."

Crazy Refracted Eden

Created by julian 7 years ago

"The product of a day dinkering in Fireworks. It was one of those Sundays when I didn't have homework (Haaaa-llelujah!) or anything to do. A Meh day. I also had some pictures with bits I wanted to use in them, but I wasn't sure how yet. Then I made a seagull pink, and creativity won out over..."

Meatball GIFs

Created by julian 7 years ago

"Last summer my family was in Sweden for a family reunion. During part of the trip we took a ferry to Gotland (an island in the middle of the Baltic). It's a four hour ferry ride, so needless to say, I got..."

Captain Scallywag

Created by julian 7 years ago

"On the tail-end of my fifth grade year, my friends and I went to a LEGO Studios summer camp. I made this short movie, and saved up $180 for the LEGO Studios movie making set. I've loved animation in general ever since, but haven't gotten much better at it. Heartbreakingly, the LEGO Studios as a..."

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