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Real name: Sy Lunaaisa
Self description:
WoW Guildmistress, ( ) entrepreneur, ( Kircher Society enthusiast ( ) and I like toast.

sykora's creations

Lace-up corset-style T-shirt reconstruction: Edward Gorey Bat Shirt

Created by sykora 7 years ago

"I created this by following the directions for the 4th or 5th shirt in Generation T by Megan Nicolay, it was fun. This shirt was XL previously, and I no longer wear clothes that baggy. I'll have fun wearing this out! I think I'll cut out a strip from the top of each shoulder side-wise, and include..."

Reconstructed T-shirts: Full length Skirt with angled rainbow panels and hearts

Created by sykora 7 years ago

". Edit 3/20/08: This creation is now for sale on my new Etsy shop: I created this from old t-shirts, Cut and sewed into panels that would make a skirt! I sewed them onto a white jersey skirt I already had, that had a stain on it, so sizing wasn't an issue,..."

Bleached Khaki Pants: Mandala

Created by sykora 8 years ago

"I made these for a friend, she mailed me her green khakis, and I used a mandala pattern that I drew several years ago, printed that out, cut it out of paper card stock, and sprayed Elmer's Spray Adhesive on the back of all the little pieces, and carefully affixed them to the pants. I sprayed with..."

Bleach shirt - WoW geekery

Created by sykora 8 years ago

". Edit 3/20/08 I'm now making /flex shirts for folks, @ /flex is one of my favorite WoW (World of Warcraft) emotes. Often, the programmers made this emote way over-the-top, and funny to watch. It's also rather instantly recognizable in silhouette, which made it a good..."

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