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Avatar credit:Richardo. Thanks, Richardo for stealing my tablet and drawing this!)I like to build things, work with my hands, and take pix, and don't forget PARTAYYYY!! I am a decent drawing artist, and I like to write, but my mind moves so fast that I cannot develop my characters nearly as well as they should be. I love racing games. I am not too shy, but I am not a giant socialite. I do love to laugh. My thought processes are very disorganized, as well. Enough about me!

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4th of July Fireworks

Created by versii 6 years ago

"I took these on the Fourth of July. I slightly edited them with Google's Picasa2, because I really only cropped them. These make great backgrounds and screensavers. Click 'full' to see them fullsize, and full glory! Nate, I wish you had some kind of image gallery option, that would be so much..."

How to build a fort *EDIT*

Created by versii 6 years ago

"At my last year of Boy Scout Camp, my friends and I decided to make a fort in the woods. We fould a nice spot, and comenced building. Using twine, and rope, as well as a screen door we just happened to find, we single handedly won the gateway..."

Laptops. To paint, or......well, to paint.

Created by versii 6 years ago

"I bought this laptop in September, so that I could have something to use at school. It is a Fujitsu Lifebook P1120. An 800MHz Transmetta Crusoe processor, 256Mb of ram directly soldered to the board, and ATi Radeon Moble. It was barely powerful enough to play a decent quality movie, but it could..."

Last day of school chalkboard drawings

Created by versii 6 years ago

"Last day of school was Wednesday, and I finally found my mini-to-SD card adapter. I guess I could have just uploaded them and written this on my phone, I just didn't feel like feeling to do that... So, Science class. Last day of school(for students.) What to do.........What to do..... The..."

Where mice go to die.....

Created by versii 6 years ago

"This is the storage closet in my IT lab. This is where mice find thier (not for too long, school is being renovated in a few years) resting place. We used to have a sign designating the mouse-graveyard, but it was stolen. Seriosouly, why would you steal that?!? Anyways, I added 47 to the..."

Mercedes SLR - A real drawing.

Created by versii 6 years ago

"I was browsing teh internetz, when I came accross a 'scetch' of a nice Mercedes SLR. After looking at teh pic for a minute, I came to the conclusion that it was not an actual drawing, but merely a few photoshop filters to make it look that way. This really upsets me. So, I printed it out, and drew..." bored....

Created by versii 6 years ago

"I drew this one durring math on request(to draw it, not in my math class. Lmao!) Its a late 80's BMW 3 series. It has the new style plastic bumpers. Thats all I know. I signed my name in the licence plate to be more creative. I can email a super-high res pic if ya'll want. Also, I suck at darwing..."

Adventures in Photoshop!

Created by versii 6 years ago

"I have never really neeeded to use PhotoShop before, but now that I have a copy, I figured it was time to try some of the more advanced features. I excessivly clone-stamped, and otherthings I don't know the name of, and It got me to the first picture. I decided to leave out the shading because I..."

Bob, Jon, and Wilma in Water Bomb

Created by versii 6 years ago

"I found this in one of my notebooks. I sure did a lot of drawing back then. I can see how much I have matured in the two years since I drew this stuff. There are 5 more of these that I can remember, and I may just post them all up here...."

A car I drew!

Created by versii 6 years ago

"I drew this in one of my I-got-it-for-homework-but-I-never-do-that-crap notebooks. It was my first one with different sized wheels. I think I modeled it after the Crysler..."

Jesus drives a helicopter!

Created by versii 6 years ago

"I found this in one of my old drawing books (a cheap notebook that I wasn't using for homework, which would be all of my notebooks) I drew this my freshman year, I didn't know what it ment then, and I still have no idea, because I am athiest, or nilistic, I can't decide. How about, I don't beleive..."

What happens when you get so bored that.......

Created by versii 6 years ago

"This is what happens when you get so bored that you cannot think. You loose your creativity. It really sucks when I get this..."

1987 BMW 325i with diving board bumpers. Front grille view.

Created by versii 6 years ago

"I was bored during math last week, so I drew this. I just now got my scanner working, and decided to upload it. The second picture is a late 80s BMW M3, I can't find a good shot of a regular E30. It is to show you what kind of car I drew, as most of my friends thought I was drawing some kind of..."

Buick Reatta

Created by versii 7 years ago

"I was bord at school one day, and I started drawing this. It has evovled through many scetches and copies, more than I can count with my fingers. And I have eight fingers. I know, I suck at drawing wheels. I just can't draw em. Really...I will post the other things I have drawn when I find them...."

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